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Submission Form

    Please complete all sections of this form as any errors or omissions could result in your start date being delayed.

    1. Owner / Occupier Information

    2. Builder / Agent Information

    Please select (required)

    3. Location of building to which work relates

    4. Proposed Work

    (e.g. Loft Conversion, Two Storey Rear Extension etc)

    5. Use of Building

    (Dwelling, Shop, Office etc)

    Is the building a workplace (required)

    6. For Dwellings/Flats

    Is it a new dwelling/flat?

    7. Sewer Connection Statement

    Are you building over a sewer or making a new sewer connection?

    If no connection is to be made to a sewer and an alternative method will be used i.e. septic tank or cesspool, please state proposed method and provide the location in relation to the new extension or dwelling.

    8. Invoice

    Invoice should be sent to
    Owner / OccupierBuilderAgentOther

    9. Correspondence

    Correspondence should be sent to
    Owner / OccupierBuilderAgentOther

    Please note that the confirmation of appointment correspondence will always be sent to the Client for information.

    10. Location Plan

    A location plan is required for all submissions and is requested by the Local Authority. PCC Ltd can provide the Location Map. Please tick the box to indicate if you would like PCC Ltd to obtain this.

    If it is a new extension or dwelling, please mark up on a 1:1250 location plan where any proposed connection to a sewer will be made. Please note if an amendment notice or cancellation notice is required Prime Construction Limited reserve the right to charge a nominal administration fee.

    11. Statement

    50% of fee is due on submission and the balance of fee on commencement of works on site.


    Maximum total upload size 8mb